SAP PartnerEdge Program

At SAP, we know that your organization strives to achieve the highest level of success and customer satisfaction every day. The SAP PartnerEdge program supports that aim with a robust set of program benefits, services, and resources designed to accelerate your business.

You will find:

  • Executive Message
  • Partner Testimonials
  • Program Benefits
  • Partner Categories
  • Membership Requirements

SAP Partner Categories

A Strong Foundation for Innovation and Support

At SAP, we understand how important it is to safeguard and support integrated, end-to-end solutions that provide unparalleled value to customers. SAP has answered this need by cultivating a broad ecosystem comprised of various partners that work together within industries to create solutions and value for customers.

  • Services Partners
  • Software Solution and Technology Partners
  • Language Services Partners
  • Channel Partners
  • Other Partner Categories
  • Global Technology Partners
  • Hosting Partners
  • Education Partners
  • Business Objects Partners
  • Business Process Outsourcing Partners

SAP Community Network

SAP offers a variety of communities and resources to enable customers, partners, and individuals to connect and collaborate.

You will find:

  • Collaboration Among Individuals
    • Business Process Expert (BPX) community
    • SAP Developer Network.
    • SAP Business Objects Community.
  • Collaboration Among Companies
    • Enterprise Services Community
    • Standards and open source community

SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab Network (COIL)

The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab Network (COIL) offers an enablement platform comprised of an integrated, global network of capabilities and resources. Additionally it provides an intelligent interface broking knowledge between SAP and its ecosystem of partners and customers to successfully drive co-innovation.

You will find:

  • General Information
  • Sample Projects
  • Membership
  • Project Requests
  • Technical Landscape Provisioning
  • Feature Videos & Demos


SAP offers various certification and qualification programs including certifications for individuals, services, operating systems, as well as qualifications for products.

You will find:

  • General Information
  • SAP certification policy and guidelines
  • Success Stories
  • Information Sheet
  • Webinars/Videos
  • FAQ`s
  • Information about Certification criteria & Partnership guidelines

Develop your SAP Integration

Test your SAP Integration

Certify your SAP Integration

SAP offers certification and qualification for third-party products that are based on SAP-endorsed integration technologies and integrate via stable interfaces.

You will find:

  • General Information
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Integration / Certification Documentation
  • Webinars/Videos
  • FAQ`s
  • How to find a suitable pre-defined integration scenario

Certification for Individuals and Services can be found here:

Benefits of SAP Certified Integration

SAP certified Solutions give SAP Partners as well as Customers Benefits in area of Marketing, Supportability, functionality.

You will find:

  • Value of SAP Certified Integrations to Independent Software Vendors and SAP Partners
  • General Information about benefits for SAP Customers
  • Information about SAP Certified Logos and Branding Guidelines
  • SAP Solution Manager Ready
  • SAP Platform User License

SAP Guidelines for Best-Built Applications

SAP guidelines for best-built applications (BBA) are simply recommendations on what partners and customers can do to align their complementary software with SAP Business Suite software

BBA is not another how-to guide; instead it lists what SAP technologies to use when developing complementary applications and then links to further “how-to” information.

BBA describes both what is recommended as well as what is not recommended.

Preview our latest release today!

Learn more about each topic releases by attending one of webinars. These are led by the technical leads for each topic.

Partner Test Engagement Initiative

Within the scope of the Partner Test Engagement Initiative SAP will invite partners to participate in selected partner test cycles on a first come, first serve basis.

You will find:

  • General Information (Description)
  • Program Details
  • Partner Testing Activity Calendar

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SAP PartnerEdge Advantage

Quarterly Partner Enablement & Go-to-Market Resources
Get enabled, generate demand, and accelerate sales with SAP PartnerEdge Advantage – a new quarterly package of go-to-market and enablement resources highlighting a different growth opportunity each quarter to help you generate demand and accelerate sales. The inaugural growth highlight topic for Q4 is SAP solutions for sustainability.

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Demand Generation and SAP Virtual Agency

Increase leads and accelerate deals with the latest demand generation tools and services for SAP PartnerEdge program members. The program includes a comprehensive set of pre-packaged campaigns, marketing training, planning tools and robust online services such as SAP Virtual Agency, a free self service online campaign execution platform that allows partners to plan, build and execute campaigns in minutes.

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Marketing Navigator

Using the tools and resources found in the Marketing Navigator, you will effectively navigate from Preparing, Building and Successfully Executing Your Campaign and ultimately to successfully Measuring Your Campaign Results.

You will find:

  • Preparing
  • Building
  • Executing
  • Measuring
  • How to Use the Marketing Navigator
  • Watch and Learn (videos)

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Partner Information Center

This comprehensive coverage enables our customers to work with companies whose reach spans the globe, as well as companies that provide local or regional products, services, and support.

Partners in the SAP ecosystem receive a free listing in this Web-based catalog. It also highlights any SAP certified integration.

SAP Partner Logos

The SAP partner logo is available for download above expresses the importance of one of our most valuable assets: our partners.

You will find:

  • Partner brand guidelines
  • eBook: Partner Branding - SAP Training for Partners
  • Demand generation templates

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SAP Pinnacle Awards

SAP Pinnacle Awards – SAP's global partner award program – recognize SAP partners who have excelled in developing their partnership with SAP and our mutual business by providing quality products, solutions, and services to our customers.

You will find:

  • Categories and Winners
  • Finalists
  • Selection Criteria

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SAP EcoHub

SAP EcoHub offers SAP partners a new channel to showcase their solutions online through an easy-to-use interface. It also facilitates a new forum for direct dialogue with customers - resulting in quality leads and potential sales.

You will find:

  • SAP EcoHub TV
  • General Information (Description)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Solution Brief: SAP EcoHub
  • Flash Demo

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You will find:

  • Ecosystem Thought Leadership: Stories and references developed by respected thought leaders in the industry.
  • Ecosystem in Action: Success stories and case studies that highlight how customers derived value from engaging with the SAP Customer-Focused Ecosystem.
  • Partner Success Stories: As a partner, you open up a wealth of opportunity with access to valuable resources that enable you to successfully meet customers’ needs.
  • Customer-Focused Ecosystem: The SAP ecosystem connects customers, partners and individuals to enhance the SAP customer experience.

Executive Demos

An Executive Demo is a professional system simulation. It gives an impression of the user experience of SAP software without utilizing a live system.

These demos are available for a wide variety of SAP products and solutions:

You will find:

  • Demos by Industries
  • Demos by Solutions

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Solution Extension

Developed by independent partners, solution extensions integrate easily with SAP software – offering cross-solution and cross-industry functionality that complement SAP solution capabilities.

You will find:

  • Sales Kits
  • Solution Briefs
  • Demos
  • Media Coverage
  • Positioning & Value Proposition

SAP Financing

Winning in the New Reality may be a challenge; however, it can be done using the right sales tools. One of those tools is SAP Financing.

You will find:

  • Overview of “The Differentiator: SAP Financing” and “Overcome Objections”
  • SAP Financing Overview Brochure
  • SAP Solution Brief
  • Regional contact person

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Platform User Licensing

With Platform User Licensing (PUL), customers have the option of extending SAP functionality and information to new, non-traditional SAP users within their business network.

PUL enables customers to adopt the business platform from SAP and extend their business networks using complementary partner solutions.

You will find:

  • General Information (Description)
  • FAQ Platform Licensing
  • PUL for Partners PDF

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Partner Portal (New User/Forgot your password)

Would you like to benefit from the content and services offered in the different portals of the SAP Service Marketplace? Just request your personal User ID.

SAP Ecosystem & Partner RSS Feed

Get the Latest News - Our RSS Feeds Help You Stay Informed

You will find:

  • Latest News
  • Latest Hot Topics
  • Latest SAP Partner Portal Update
  • Newsletter and Newsflash

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News and information for partners that collaborate with SAP direct Sales.

You will find:

  • Every month a new edition
  • Newsletter/Newsflash Archive

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Partner Enablement Center

Get the knowledge you need when you need it! Visit the Partner Enablement Center to access more than 2,000 webinars, e-learning courses, and asset and workshop offerings on SAP strategies, products, programs, services, technical developments, and best practices.

For example, you can:

  • Hear from the experts live, or watch the replays
  • Join virtual workshops and classes
  • Take e-learning courses
  • Access demo assets and additional enablement material

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Partner Playbooks

360 degree enablement resource for partners. Micro web sites in the form of playbooks for several SAP Solutions/ Industries.

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SAP Ramp-Up

SAP Ramp-Up is a program that supports early solution adoption among customers and partners. SAP Ramp-Up is a joint effort of field, support, and development to ensure secure and cost-effective implementation of SAP's new solutions and new versions of existing solutions.

You will find:

  • General Information (Description)/li>
  • Ramp-Up Partner Guidelines
  • Success Stories, Solution Briefs and White Papers

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SAP Products & Solutions

This section provides comprehensive information for partners on SAP solutions, such as Enterprise Software, SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio, SAP Crystal Solutions, Platform, and Industries.

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Each year SAP offers several key opportunities for current and future customers, as well as partners, consultants, and users, to learn about SAP solutions.

You will find:

  • In-Person Events
  • Online Events

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SAP provides a full array of educational options for its partners to insure they have the latest information needed for implementing, supporting, or working with SAP solutions.

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Help Portal

SAP online solution documentation library and information design at SAP.